Industrial instrumentation

With our qualified resources we offer assemblies, guaranteeing quality and minimizing errors. We carry out the necessary tests to guarantee the correct operation of the facilities. We are specialists in programming PLCs, HMIs and SCADA systems of different brands. Our work does not end with the start-up, we are able to offer the maintenance service to the systems we install.

We dimension the necessary instruments for the process and the Control and Information platforms, we prepare instrument lists, electrical plans, terminal blocks and cable lists.

Additional services

  • We elaborate P&D
  • Fiber optic installation
  • We offer on-site training


We are specialists in industrial process automation and we have a highly qualified technical team made up of engineers and graduates, with 25 years of experience in the industrial automation sector. Although our main know-how is engineering and software development in industrial environments, our services are much more than a software platform and electrical diagrams.

As integrators in industrial automation we apply cutting-edge technology, implementing quality services that optimize your productivity.

Additional services

  • Scada Software Review and Maintenance
  • Commissioning of systems
  • We work with most architectures and manufacturers

Electric engineering

We offer consulting, supplies and construction services in the electrical and industrial sector in general, in response to the current demands and needs of the sector. We develop electrical projects in interaction with the industrial sector, which qualifies us as a company with high potential to provide its customers with a quality service that allows them to achieve their objectives and requirements.

Our strategic alliances with other national and international consultants, under different contracting regimes and diversification of responsibilities, allow the development of IPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and IPGC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) projects.

Additional services

  • Technical assistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Systems certification

Mechanical Engineering

Thanks to our extensive experience in various technologies and industrial sectors, we can advise you with full guarantee in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial design. We provide comprehensive solutions related to mechanical engineering, we have a long history providing quality services. We provide studies, reports, blueprints and presentations related to various activities.

Authorization, periodic control and / or extension of the useful life of devices under pressure. Calculation and design of devices subjected to pressure with and without fire. Thermomechanical Installations.

Additional services

  • Detail engineering
  • Industrial assemblies
  • Direction and technical representation

Civil Engineering

We provide Civil Engineering design services in the areas of structures and infrastructures, covering works of various types, magnitude and complexity for the local, Latin American and Caribbean markets. Our Civil Engineering team offers you the preparation of civil works plans, calculation and budget, calculation of reinforced concrete and metallic structures for works destined to construction, design and engineering review, supervision and execution of work inspection.

Our civil team is made up of professional specialists with extensive experience in different areas of engineering, with international experience in civil works that guarantee our clients innovative and excellent solutions.

Additional services

  • Tender study
  • Project evaluation
  • Quotation of works for public and private tenders


Our study of architects manages that companies and individuals promote their architecture projects, advising them on the formalization of their construction projects. We empower our clients' business by generating an optimal cost-benefit ratio in the shortest possible time. We focus on payback. We leave our contribution to the organizations and societies in which we operate because of our consistent commitment to sustainability.

At Dtodo Engineer our architects make up a study specialized in the direction and management of architecture and engineering projects, made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the development of large-scale works.

Additional services

  • We clearly interpret your needs
  • We plan innovative and efficient solutions
  • We meet deadlines and exceed expectations

Process engineering

We create from design to evaluation and optimization of industrial processes. Through the analysis of the process requirements and the application of the concepts of unit operations, we provide advice to our clients for the selection of the best technology available in the market. We design equipment for the particular needs of our clients.

We transform ideas into a functional production scheme, integrating the best engineering concepts with appropriate practices, optimizing operating conditions, to obtain as a result all the important process variables and the type of machinery and services to be used, achieving the best strategy for production.

Additional services

  • Equipment design and selection
  • Process design and optimization
  • Assessment and design of gas systems